After having our 19 month old daughter, Parker in traditional swimming lessons and getting nowhere quickly, a friend sent us information on ISR. As we watched the video on the internet, we could not believe our eyes!
We signed our daughter up for ISR lessons immediately.

Having a pool in our yard and spending our summers at the lake, It was very important for our daughter to be “safe” in the water. Thanks to Conrad we feel Parker is more than “safe”. Conrad’s patience, dedication and kindness are a true blessing.

Parker just finished her 1st refresher course with Conrad. Now at 27 months old she is even stronger and more confident at the life saving skills Conrad has taught her. Parker has learned more than we ever expected & in such a short time. IT’S AMAZING! She LOVES swimming and can swim better than her 5 & 6 year old cousins!
 Conrad, we cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. We will always be grateful!

Bill & Kim VaVerka


We are so happy that you were able to teach Luke a life saving skill. Nothing could be worse than losing a child.  It is amazing when you see the trust in Luke's eyes when he looks at his Coach Conrad.  We would love to be a great referral source for you and wish you well when teaching this important skill.

We will see you next spring for a refresher course.

John, Kolleen, & Luke



Thank you for teaching Stella & Christian.  You are an awesome teacher and our kids love you.  What you are doing will change many lives.  We admire your choice to teach ISR.  Stella & Christian were lucky to have the chance to learn with you.  We will miss you and wish you the best, you will do well.


The Malget Family 2008



As Paul and I were out of town last weekend, I did not get an opportunity to properly thank you for a wonderful ISR experience.  We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the ISR program.  I can proudly say that my son is floating and swimming.  I am confident that the skills Conrad taught Jack would save his life if he were to get into trouble with a body of water.  Conrad not only took the time needed to ensure that Jack could perform the swim float swim sequence perfectly all by himself, but also took into consideration that we own a boat and Jack must wear his life vest while boating; thus he made sure Jack learned the sequence with his vest on as well.  Every consideration was well throughout and followed.   I remember the first few weeks of swimming, when Jack cried at every lesson, however, by the end of week 3 he was loving it.  Just yesterday, Jack asked me if we were going to swimming lessons today and when I told him his session was over he was upset that he was not going to swim with Conrad.   You can not put a price on safety and today I feel my son is safe should he fall in the water.  This feeling is priceless.  I can not thank you all enough for a wonderful experience.

Thank you again,

Stacy Hubbard