One important distinction between ISR and most other swimming programs is our emphasis on safety during the lessons.  Because we are committed to providing the safest and most efficient lessons possible, Infant Swimming Resource has numerous safety protocols in place to protect our students.  Through extensive instructor education and strict adherence to these safety protocols, ISR has provided over 4.2 million safe lessons since 1969.

National Registration

The national registration process is a screening tool for each child to ensure they will benefit from and can safely participate in lessons.  Your child’s information is submitted to and reviewed by a team of professionals that includes a pediatric nurse and a pediatrician consultant and is held in the strictest confidence. In some cases the instructor will be provided additional directions and protocols to ensure the safest, possible lesson for each individual student.

BUDS Sheets

Each lesson will honor the unique physiology of the student. Therefore, instructors ask parents to complete the BUDS sheet so that we may monitor bowel, urine, diet and sleep. This information provides the instructor with possible interferences that may affect lessons.  The timing of eating and drinking before lessons is also especially important.  ISR asks that students do not eat any food at least 1 hour prior to the lessons or have dairy or milk products for at least 2 hours prior to lessons.

10 minutes per day lesson

A key part in keeping lessons safe for your child is keeping the lessons brief.  Your child’s lesson time in the water will not last any longer than 10 minutes.  Keeping the lessons short helps to reduce the possibility of fatigue.

Monitoring Fatigue

ISR instructors are specially trained to check for and recognize signs of temperature fatigue.  Because temperature fatigue occurs before physical fatigue, monitoring for temperature fatigue allows the instructor to know how to proceed throughout the course of the lesson.

Three Towel Rule

This rule was developed with your child’s safety in mind.  You will need to 2 clean towels to layer on the pool deck and the third towel to wrap your child in after lessons.  Layering two towels on the pool deck helps to minimize the contact your child has with the wet surface of the pool deck, which can potentially harbor germs.

Water Temperature

The water temperature at OC Water Babies is typically 86 degrees F.  For safety, ISR requires that the water must be between 78 degrees and 88 degrees.  Below 78 degrees, students will lose body heat too rapidly and experience temperature fatigue quickly.  Water temperature over 88 degrees can cause dehydration.