The Infant Swimming Resource technique and goals are unique. Swimming simply means “to move through the water”. This definition is very limited to any movement.  This is why ISR emphasizes more than just "swimming skills"  ISR strives to provide a comprehensive SURVIVAL SWIMMING program. Survival swimming is the ability to self rescue by moving through the water independently while breathing effortlessly.  Effort takes energy, and children have limited sustainable energy.  A child swimming and lifting his head to breathe is expending great amounts of energy to attain air.  This technique will soon fatigue a child.  The rollback to a float to breathe is effortless while offering unlimited rest and air while in the water, thus equipping the child with aquatic self rescue survival skills to potentially save himself in an emergency situation.  Most importantly, the ISR student will have practiced all the SURVIVAL SWIMMING, self rescue skills while fully clothed.

How Lessons Work…
Every lesson for every child is individualized – one on one with the instructor.  Students attend private lessons, five days a week (Monday – Friday) for 10 minutes per day.  This helps provide a safe lesson and is key to the retention of skills.  Students can start any time (typically on a Monday) and the parent or caretaker watches poolside.

Roll Back To Float Program:
I teach survival floating to infants who are crawling (generally 6-12 months of age.)   He or she will be taught to rotate from a face-down position in the water to a back float.  The baby will be taught to rest and breathe on his or her back until help arrives.  The typical infant will attend 5 lessons per week for an average of 5-7 weeks to attain these skills.  A child who enrolls in the ISR program as an infant will learn the correct posture for swimming early which will facilitate learning at the next level.  

This series of skills is taught to children who are walking (generally 12 months – 6 years of age.)  Toddlers are taught to utilize that cross-coordinated motion for movement through the water.  He or she will be taught to swim face down with eyes open using arms and legs (similar to a freestyle stroke); roll onto his or her back to float, rest and breathe when he or she needs air; and then flip over onto his or her stomach to continue swimming until he or she reaches a point of safety (wall or steps).  This swim-float-swim sequence can be repeated as many times as is necessary to reach safety. This skill set can be achieved with 5 lessons per week in approximately 6-8 weeks.

After accomplishing these skills in a bathing suit, children will then practice their skills in summer clothing and then move onto winter clothing.  This additional work is critical to survival swimming because most children who find themselves in the water are fully clothed. 

During Lessons, students are closely monitored for temperature fatigue, physical fatigue and general well-being.  To provide a safe lesson, you will complete a daily log of your child’s bowel, urine, diet, and sleep habits (BUDS).  Students will not be allowed to swim without a completed BUDS sheet, appropriate registration, and any necessary clearances.

Refresher Lessons:
Due to the tremendous physical and emotional changes of infants and young children, follow-up refresher lessons are recommended at least every 6 months until the age of 4 when the growth rate begins to slow down.  This serves to reinforce learned and stabilized skills for maximum retention.  You may also wish to schedule periodic maintenance lessons for your child throughout the season.

Scheduling your lessons:
To register with ISR, a detailed registration form, that includes the student’s medical history, must be completed online through ISR’s secure web site.  Before submitting your registration form, the non-refundable registration fee of $105 must be paid using a credit card or electronic check with Pay Pal.   ( **This Registration Fee is not deducted from the overall cost of the tuition**)   Prior to registration you will need to contact an instructor and schedule your child’s lesson time.  Once you have chosen a lesson time,  your instructor will then e-mail you their personal registration link.

Lesson Location and Cost :


March - June (starting March 14th)   $130 per child/per week
Laguna Niguel - Crown Valley Community FIT Pool


Tuition is paid directly to your instructor every Monday for that week.  We accept payments in the form of cash or check.   Tuition varies per location due to travel, mileage, tolls, pool heating and rental fees.

If you or your family, friends, babysitter or neighbor have a backyard with a pool, lake, pond, canal or other water hazards consider these skills completely necessary for your child’s safety.

If you wish to sign up for ISR lessons please click here.