My wife and I are the proud parents of a beautiful adopted little boy who is now 4.  Before I became a dad, I often heard other parents talk about how strong a parent’s love is for their child.  Parents, I was told, would do anything to keep their children safe.  All of our friends had children before we did and for years we watched them interact with their children and wondered what it was like.  How strong is that bond?  What was that love like?  These were common questions we would ask ourselves during years of failed infertility treatments and 6 unsuccessful Invitro’s.

Then God blessed us with Jacob.  It wasn’t until I held that little boy, my little boy, in my arms that I finally realized the overwhelming love… a parent’s love for his child.  As he grew, so did my love for him.  Stronger than I ever could have imagined.  I would do anything to protect him.  I would sacrifice anything for him.

That is what led us to Infant Swimming Resource.  My Sister In-Law, Alysia, found ISR and told my wife Annette about it.  My wife then approached me about ISR, but I was a little skeptical about it.  But knowing how my wife researches everything,  I decided to be open to it.  Annette then showed me the “YouTube” video of a toddler falling into a pool and self rescuing.  A tear ran down my face because I immediately imagined my son in that same situation, but not having the same skills to save himself.  Without hesitation,

I told my wife to get Jacob in the class as soon as possible.  We don’t have a pool but our neighbors and most of our friends do.  I thought to myself, Jake is a very curious little boy. WHAT IF???  It only takes a few seconds and a tragedy can happen.  The thought makes me teary eyed.

Anxious to see Jacob trained, I attended as many lessons as I could.  I was amazed at what the Instructor was able to teach babies.  The training is based on Behavioral Psychology and how children learn through their environment.  Having a Masters Degree in Psychology, I was very intrigued.  Knowing that it has always been my desire to teach, Annette thought I should look into becoming an Instructor.  We talked about it and realized that with my professional back ground along with my passion for teaching, this was a perfect fit.   My first job out of college I was a counselor with the Orange County Probation Department.  I dealt with troubled youths and helped them get their lives back on track and possibly save their lives.  Now I could help babies and toddlers save their lives.  Again, it’s a blessing to find this opportunity.

Now, as an Instructor, I love watching parents hug and kiss their children before and after lessons.  I see the love in the parent’s eyes when they look at their children and think to myself, “That powerful bond is why I became an Instructor”.